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Instructions for Baby Sock Roses

You'll need:

1 package of multi-colored newborn socks (thin)
Florist tape
Florist wire
Artificial leaves

Baby Sock Roses are very simple to make. Start out by placing a thin baby sock flat on a surface, toe pointing towards you. Roll, starting at the toe, until you reach the heel of the sock to form the rose. Take the hole (where the baby's foot goes) and flip it down around the sock (hold the sock in place so it doesn't unravel). Take a bit of wire and poke it horizontally through the bottom of the sock and twist at the ends to keep the sock rose from unrolling. Take a longer piece of wire, to be the stem of the rose (measure to make sure it is long enough if you want to place in a vase, or short enough if you plan to use them for a diaper cake or corsage), and use the florist tape to tape it to the bottom of the "rose". Tape on artificial leaves if desired.


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