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31. Memories of mommy
Have guests share their favorite memories of mom. Have extra tissues on hand for mom-to-be when she hears them

32. Onesie painting
Supply baby t-shirts or onesie outfits (plain white works best) and puff paints for your guests. Have them decorate a shirt any way they want, and keep the finished products either as a keepsake or for baby to wear.

33. Whats in the bag
Fill several small paper bags with one baby item each. Let guests hold the bags, but not peek inside, then write their best guess as to what the item inside each bag is. Award prize to the person with the most correct answers.

34. Name that poop
Fill baby diapers (real or made from napkins/paper) with things like crushed candy bars, rocky road ice cream, mustard, chocolate cake, etc. Have guests determine what each "poop" is.

35. Name that mommy
Using real or fictional mothers, have guests try to determine the famous moms using a series of hints. (ex : My son is the President = Barbara Bush. My 3 daughters all had hair of gold, like me = Carol Brady.)

36. Guess/suggest baby's name
Depending on whether or not parents-to-be have decided on a name or not (works best if they have not told anyone what choices they've made) have guests suggest or try to guess the name of the baby.

37. I predict
Have guests write down their predictions for things such as baby's birth weight, hair color, first word, future occupation, etc. To make it a humorous game, don't tell the guests what they are choosing, simply ask them to name a color, number, occupation, etc and then fill in the blanks mad lib style.

38. Baby scratchcards

39. Captions
Cut out pictures of babies from various magazines and such, then have guests come up with captions for the photos. Funniest captions wins.

40. Inventions
Have guests invent (in theory, on paper) a new baby product (ie: automatic diaper changer). Prize awarded to the most creative/useful invention.

Get over 100 quality printable baby shower games plus poems for only $12.99 now!

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