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41. Nursery rhyme trivia
Have guests answer trivia questions about popular nursery rhymes such as "At what time did the mouse run down the clock?" "What did Jack Be Nimble jump over?" and "What kind of pie was Little Jack Horner eating?".

42. Cartoon trivia
Like game above, only have guests answer questions about cartoon characters (ie: What town did Fred Flintstone live in? or Name all 3 PowerPuff Girls).

43. Write a letter to baby
Have guests write a letter to the baby. These should be saved in the baby's scrapbook so (s)he can read them when (s)he's older.

44. How many names can you make out of ____
Have guests try and come up with the most baby names from the combined names of the parents-to-be or a phrase such as "Thank you for coming to our baby shower today!".

45. How many words can you make out of _____
Same as above game, only make words out of the phrase instead of baby names.

46. Advice
Have guests write their best baby advice and suggestions for the mother-to-be to keep and read after baby is born.

47. Is it real?
This is a sort of true or false game. Come up with a list of real baby products, and also some fake ones (such as automatic diaper changer mentioned above). The more wacky the real ideas, and reasonable the fake ideas, the better. Have guests determine if each product is real, or imaginary.

48. Who wants to be a mommy

49. Survivor

50. Blindfold drawing
Have guests try their hand at drawing a picture of a baby (or the couple to be) without looking. Not nearly as easy as it sounds.

Get over 100 quality printable baby shower games plus poems for only $12.99 now!

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