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Bible Themed Baby Shower Games for your Religious Showers!

1. Bible Babies -
Have guests match the bible baby to their parents (example - Jesus to Mary and Joseph

2. Children's Bible Lessons Who am I? -
Make a list of questions pertaining to Sunday School bible stories and have guests guess who the person is (example - I was swallowed by a whale = Jonah).

3. Worship Song Fill in the Blank -
Start off a line of a popular childrens worship song and have guests either write down or sing the rest of the song (example - this little light of mine, I'm gonna ______).

4. Building Blocks of Life -
Get a large stack of baby blocks, and have guests take turns stacking them. Each time a guest stacks a block, have them tell what they believe is an important building block of life (ie : having faith or good sense of humor). If a guest fails to name something, they're out. The winner is the last person to stack a block BEFORE the stack falls (not the guest who topples the stack).

5. Go Tell it on the Mountain -
This mountain being the center or front of the room. Have each guest stand up and tell something good about themselves, or about the parents-to-be.

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