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Baby Shower Cake Sayings

Wondering what to write on the cake? Here are our suggestions!
Thank you Laura Kaye for the great cake inscription ideas!
  1. Straight from heaven up above
    a little child for us to love

  2. Someone special, someone new
    __________ we love you!

  3. Someone special, someone dear
    __________ is almost here!

  4. Sweet as sugar, cute as pie
    __________ is the apple of our eye!

  5. Bottles, booties, diapers, pins
    this is where the fun begins!

  6. Little fingers, little toes
    everyday our love for you grows

  7. Little hands and little feet
    Baby ______ is oh so sweet!

  8. The big day is drawing near
    __________ is almost here!

  9. Tiny baby, small and sweet
    Mom-to-be can't see her feet!

  10. Pink or blue, we do love you!

  11. Pretty dresses, little curls
    oh thank heaven for little girls!

  12. Planes and trains and tonka toys
    thank the Lord for little boys!

  13. Children are gifts from God

  14. When God's love grows too big
    A child is born

  15. Heaven is losing an angel
    and sending him/her to us

  16. Our family is growing by two (four) feet!

  17. Look out for Mr Stork!

  18. Our love for you keeps growing stronger
    hurry we can't wait much longer!

  19. Mom and Dad are full of joy
    lets welcome their new girl or boy!

  20. Nothings sweeter in all the world
    than a precious baby girl

  21. 50% Mom 50% Dad

  22. A gift of love
    from Heaven above

  23. Happy Labor Day

  24. To the mother-to-be
    and her sweet little pea

  25. Welcome New Arrival

  26. For the New Arrival

  27. Congratulations Mom

  28. For the Baby

  29. Best of Baby Blessings
    to the __________ Family

  30. Our family is growing by two ( or four) feet!

  31. Precious little child, snuggled warm and tightly
    we can't wait until you're here
    to kiss and cuddle nightly


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