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Looking for what to write on the cake, bring a book invitation poem or the thank you poem from baby? Click the links below to find those baby shower poems and many more!

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What would be a fun and unique way to send a baby shower invitation? Amy from England

There are many creative ideas for sending baby shower invitations that your guests will rave about. Be sure and check with your local post office about shipping costs on these items beforehand!

  1. Message in a bottle - Roll up your baby shower invitation and stick it inside a baby bottle (you may ask for the bottles to be returned at the shower, or allow guests to keep them) along with some confetti. Put the cap back on the bottle and tie a bit of ribbon around in the neck (use pink or blue if you know the gender of the child). A label and stamp(s) can be placed on the side of the bottle for mailing purposes.

  2. Diaper folded - Fold your baby shower invitation like a cloth diaper and seal with a diaper pin (this is especially fun for invitations to diaper showers!).

  3. In a balloon - Roll up your baby shower invitation and stick in inside an uninflated balloon. Put it inside a regular envelope to mail. Have guests blow up their balloons, then pop it to get their baby shower invitation out to read. You could also send fully inflated helium balloons with the baby shower invite inside that the guest must pop with a bit more money and effort.

  4. Chocolate wrapper - Many companies offer personalized baby shower candy bar wrappers now, or you can use your home printer to make your own. Just add the baby shower invitations where your personalization goes. Be careful about sending these during hot weather, or your candy could melt!

  5. Fortune Cookie - A few companies also offer personalized fortune cookies you could use as fun baby shower invitations. Just enter the party information on the paper that goes inside the cookie. A unique idea and delicious too!

  6. Seed Packets - Order or print out little packets of seeds (flower or plant) with the baby shower info on the packet. Guests can plant the seeds to honor the impending birth.

  7. Mini rubber duckies/toys - Tie your baby shower invitation around the neck of a small rubber duck toy, or around a baby's toy.

  8. Baby Socks/Mittens - Fold or roll your baby shower invitation and place inside a baby sock or mitten. Place inside envelope, or attach to a regular postcard with glue or a diaper pin.

  9. Tied to rattle - Use a hole punch to put a hole in one corner of your baby shower invitation, and use ribbon or string to securely tie it to the handle of a plastic baby rattle (or teething ring, pacifier, etc).

  10. Babys Breath - Glue a bit of baby's breath to the envelope of your regular baby shower invitation envelope.

  11. On a bib - Write the party details on a small, plain, baby bib using permanent marker.


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