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Supply List - Don't forget a thing with this handy checklist. We'll help you not forget things you didn't realize you were supposed to remember in the first place!

Shower To-Do List - Make sure things run according to schedule with this timeline. Have everything done with time to spare.

Co-Hosting Form - don't worry about problems that may arise from co-hosting a shower with this agreement form.

Budget Form - your wallet will thank you for using this budget form to make sure you don't go overboard!

Some great hostessing tips from Showers Are Fun

Make sure you know what the mommy-to-be likes. Colors, themes, food, etc...

Make your guest list so you know how many to plan for.

Write down all your ideas and then decide what's good for you and what's not.

Decide on a date, time, and place.

Decide on a theme and colors. Maybe what the mommy is doing the nursery in?

On your invitation, give your guests ideas of what the mother-to-be needs. This is usually appreciated by everyone because they don't know what to get. You can include the nursery theme.

Have mom-to-be consider a local gift registery. You can list this on the invitation.

Decide on the menu. If there are a large group of people coming, you could consider doing potluck. Depending on the area you live in. Some people are offended by having to bring a gift and a covered dish.

Decide on if and what games you will play. Consider the size of the group you will have. (Games are not necessary.)

Get your decorations and party favors together early. I usually have to go to several different places to get all the things I need. You may have to make a change or two if you can't find what you're looking for.

Don't forget about the mommy-to-be's corsage. You can make this or have it made at the florist.

Buy disposable cameras and have the guests pass them around while they take pictures.

Place the bows and ribbons from the gifts on a paper plate and fix the mommy-to-be a hat to wear or buy a straw wreath and wrap it with ribbon. Then pin the bows around the wreath. You could also place small toys in it.

Buy an inexpensive child's white umbrella and glue white lace along the edges and write the showers info (date, time, place) on it in permanent ink. You can have everyone sign it.

For some humor, have a person write down the various comments the mommy-to-be says while opening her gifts. After she has finished have the note taker read aloud the mommy-to-be's comments about the conception night. Imagine: "that's just what I wanted", "isn't that cute", "it's so tiny".

Pass a journal around and have everyone sign it. They could add a word of advice, a blessing, or a prayer.


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