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Simple Decoration Ideas

  1. Wall decorations/cutouts

  2. Baby Bathtub - Instead of a punch bowl, try serving punch in a new clean baby bath tub. Float rubber duckies in the punch for extra "awww".

  3. Diaper Cakes - a great centerpiece, as well as a practical gift for mom.

  4. Diaper Wreath - An adorable and simple to make wreath to hang on the door at your shower, and a great gift for mom. Look for instructions on the how to page!

  5. Baby Sock Roses - use these to decorate diaper cakes, make a corsage, or fill flower vases with them to serve as a centerpiece. Easy to make and so cute! Look for instructions on the how to page!

  6. Balloons - Balloons can be used in many ways to decorate for your baby shower. Tie helium filled balloons to chairs, staircases, yard signs or use baby items/toys as anchors to tie them down. Hang a decorated umbrella upside down from the ceiling and fill with non- helium balloons. Hang them on walls and doors, or even use them in your games.

  7. Streamers - Hang on walls, cascading from the ceiling, around staircases, and from doorways. Twist two or more colors together to match the rest of your decorations.

  8. Twinkle lights - Plain white christmas-type twinkle lights can add an elegant feel to evening baby showers. Used in the same manner as streamers. Wrap in tulle for beautiful effect (be wary of fire hazards)

  9. Umbrella - Plain colored or white umbrellas usually work best. Hang upside down from the ceiling, and fill with balloons and/or baby items. Decorating the outside of the umbrella with puff paints, markers or streamers adds a nice touch.

  10. Bows - Large bows can be used to decorate the backs of chairs and doors.

  11. Baby bottles - Use these to serve drinks to your guests (made the opening wider and insert a straw to drink from), as balloon weights, or to hold candy/nuts for your guests.

  12. Cloth diapers - Use them as placemats, or as doilies for your furniture.

  13. Burp cloths - make great napkins!

  14. T-shirts - Decorate adult or baby sized plain white t-shirts with either baby themed pictures, or use several shirts together to spell words like baby's name or "Baby Shower".

  15. Clothesline - Hang a clothesline across a wall or doorway (be careful that its not so low that guests run into it) and hang shirts mentioned above or various baby items (rattles, diapers, pacifiers) from it.

  16. Flowers - always make great centerpieces, especially when colors match your theme.

  17. Watermelon baby carriage - Great centerpiece for a food table, filled with melon balls and small fruits.

  18. Baby toys/items - Random toys and stuffed animals can be placed out and used to anchor balloons. Use items such as bassinets, playpens and rocking horses to display gifts.

  19. Photos - pictures of the parents-to-be or siblings of baby add a personal touch to the shower.

  20. Candles - candles add a classy touch to any party, especially night time showers.

  21. Wishing well - decorate a container (coffee can, bucket, etc) and have guests drop in money or small baby items for the couple-to-be.

  22. Pacifiers - Use as napkin rings or balloon weights

  23. Yard signs- rent, purchase or make your own signs to decorate the front yard, and to guide the way to the shower location.

  24. Confetti/Glitter - Regular or baby item shaped confetti and/or glitter can be spread across tables. Place a layer of glass or plastic over to avoid a huge mess.

  25. Blocks - use baby alphabet blocks to spell out babys name or phrases like "Baby Shower".

  26. Punch bowl - decorate your punch bowl by adding floating fruits and ice rings. Sliced starfruit looks very nice. New, clean rubber duckies also look very cute floating in the bowl.

  27. Baby tree - decorate a small tabletop christmas tree with pacifiers and miniature baby figurines instead of ornaments.

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