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  1. When should I throw the shower?

  2. When should invitations be sent out?

  3. Who should throw the shower?

  4. Can I throw myself a baby shower?

  5. What if I don't want a baby shower at all?

  6. Can we still have a baby shower if the baby is already born?

  7. Mom-to-be has already had a shower during this pregnancy, can we throw her another?

  8. Is it acceptable to throw a baby shower for a 2nd, 3rd or subsequent pregnancy?

  9. Is it okay to throw a baby shower for someone who is adopting a child?

  10. Who should I invite to the baby shower?

  11. Can I invite men to the baby shower?

  12. A close friend of mine recently lost a child or found out she cannot have children, should I invite her to my shower?

  13. Where should we have the shower?

  14. If we have the shower at a restaurant, who should pay for the meals?

  15. Two of my friends are expecting, can we throw a double shower for them both?

  16. Two or more of my friends/family want to host my baby shower, can I have more than one host?

  17. The person hosting my shower is ruining everything! Can I fire them?

  18. The mom-to-be is making it very difficult to plan her shower, can I make her back-off?

  19. Some of my friends/family members don't get along, and say they won't come if the other is invited, what do I do?

  20. Can I specify NO KIDS at my shower?

  21. The host(ess) won't invite my friend/family member to my shower, but I really want /himher there, help!

  22. Do we have to play games at the baby shower?

  23. Can I specify no-smoking at my shower?

  24. How much should I spend on a gift?

  25. I was invited to a baby shower I am not attending, do I have to send a gift?

  26. How much is an appropriate amount to spend on a gift?

  27. Can I ask for other things, like donations to charity, in leiu of gifts?

  28. Can I ask for cash instead of gifts?

  29. Should I include my gift registry in the invitations?


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