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I'm throwing a baby shower for my sister in law this coming July and I am at a loss for what to serve... any suggestions?-Annie from Quebec

This depends a lot upon the time of day, formality and location of your shower. If you plan your shower during lunch or dinner time, your guests will be hungry and expect to be fed. If your shower is held at a time when guests will have already eaten a meal, you can get by with serving chips and dip/appetizers and drinks. If your shower is casual simple foods or appetizers are fine, but a formal shower should include a nice meal for your guests. Of course, if you throw your shower at a restaurant your guests will naturally expect food, but they might also come ready to eat if you throw a backyard party (bring out the BBQ pit!), or theme party such as Lil Buckaroo (chili anyone?), Tea Party or Sweet as Sugar.
Other considerations you might which to make are the food requirements of your guests. Attendants may suffer from allergies, diabetes, be dieting, vegetarian/vegan or religious customs may effect what they can eat. It may be difficult or impossible to find out the food requirements of all your guests, so it might prove wise to have safe alternatives (fruit/veggie trays, salads, non-chocolate desserts, etc) on hand for anyone not able to eat meat/sugar/fat/chocolate/etc.
This may seem obvious to some, but for the record, please remember that mom-to-be should not have alcoholic beverages during her pregnancy, so offer non-alcoholic drinks instead of (or in addition to if mom-to-be doesn’t mind) the hard stuff. Check with mom first, before serving alcohol at the party to make sure its okay. Many expectant mothers feel left out when everyone else is drinking and she’s stuck with water. Some also find mixed drinks at a baby shower to be tacky, but that’s up to you to decide.
Feel free to look through our pages of menu ideas to find the perfect menu for your baby shower!


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