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All poems written by Marsha Roberts, unless otherwise stated. If a poem is listed as "author unknown" and you know who the author is, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

For Twin/Multiples change "I" "my" and "me" to plural forms

Thank you all for coming
to meet and welcome me
I'm glad I finally got to see
my new friends and family
I love all the things you brought
you all are very sweet
and I can hardly wait until
the next time that we meet
My mom is very lucky
to know each one of you
and now that I am in the world
I'm so very lucky, too!

I'm sorry I couldn't be here
but I'm not quite ready yet
I'm painting my eyes, hair and cheeks
and soon I'll be all set
I'm sending this little message
to convey to you this thought
The stork will soon have left me
to use the gifts you've brought
Thanks for the lovely welcome
you have given me today
And when you see the stork fly by
you'll know I've come to stay
Just give my Mommy time
to dress me up so dear
I thank you from my tiny heart
for the lovely gifts you share
Soon I'll be on my way home
to show you how much I care
author unknown

I'm sorry I can't be with you
but I'm very busy you see
painting my eyes, my cheeks, my hair
so Mommy will be proud of me
I'm sending this little message
to convey to you this thought
for the stork will soon have left me
with all the gifts you've brought
Be sure to come and see me
as soon as I get here
but please give Mommy time
to dress me ever so dear
author unknown

I'm really glad that you could come
And help surprise my mother
sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves
and chat with one another
Sorry I can't be with you
to join in Mommy's shower
But I'm very busy you see
I'm growing more each hour
Though I'm not there to thank you
for the lovely gifts you've brought
my family is grateful
we appreciate the thought
I'll be arriving shortly
and I'm as happy as can be
so, after I've been home awhile
please come and visit me
author unknown

I'd like to say, though I'm not here yet
thank you for the gifts I'll get
And thank you from my parents, too
for all the gifts in pink and blue
My closet was empty, my belongings were few
but that's all changed now, thanks to you!
author unknown

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