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Instructions for baby bottle favor
Thank you Laura Kaye from Showers Are Fun for these instructions!

You will need:

1 roll of lifesavors
1 white lifesaver
1 white good-n-plenty
vanilla frosting
plain white paper, cut to fit around the roll of lifesavers
curly ribbon

Glue with glue stick the plain white paper around the roll of lifesavers. Take the white lifesavor and glue it (using vanilla frosting) to one end of the lifesaver roll. Place some vanilla frosting inside the hole of the white lifesaver and insert the white good-n-plenty. Let the frosting harden, then tie a piece of curly ribbon around the bottle were the roll and the white lifesaver meet. Curl the ribbon.
*You can decorate the white paper before gluing it to the roll of lifesavers.
*You can also use a paste of powdered sugar and water for the gluing

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