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Diaper Cake "Ingredients"

40 small diapers
2 receiving blankets or baby towels
1 burp rag
1 baby bottle or cardboard paper towel roll
scotch tape or rubber bands
3 diaper pins 1 cardboard cake plate
various baby items to decorate (mini soap and shampoo bottles, baby hair brushes, teething rings, ect)
1 roll colored curling ribbon
1 cake topper (ie: small stuffed animal or beanie toy)

Start by rolling the diapers lengthwise around the baby bottle, and continue to roll the diapers around themselves until you have used 20 diapers for the first layer of the diaper cake. Use scotch tape to secure the diapers together, or use rubber bands if you prefer.
Do the same to make the second layer of the diaper cake, only this time make it a bit smaller by only using 10-15 diapers. The third, top, layer should be only about 5 diapers round.
Fold a receiving blanket to match the width of the bottom diaper cake layer and wrap around. Secure the back with a diaper pin. Do the same for the second layer. For the third, smallest layer, use a burp cloth to wrap around the cake layer and secure with a diaper pin.
Tie curling ribbon in whatever colors you choose around each of the 3 layers of the diaper cake, tie leaving enough extra ribbon at the ends to curl. Take the baby items and tuck them in the ribbon to decorate.
Top your cake off with a small stuffed animal or beanie toy, or something of similar proportion that matches your cake.

Photos to come soon!


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