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Instructions for diaper wreath

You will need -

1 wreath base - straw or styrofoam
1 package newborn size diapers
1 pack of dental floss
curling ribbon
Small Baby Items (to decorate)

Tie dental floss completely around the wreath in a circular fashion. Do not cut until the wreath is finished. Place one prefolded diaper (straight from package) against the wreath, cinch it in the middle and wrap the floss cinched area. Next, wrap the floss around the wreath to tie the diaper on. The diaper should now have the top (where the fasteners are) area pointed toward the center of the wreath, and the bottom facing outward. Place another diaper, closely together, facing the opposite direction (bottom inward, top outward) on the wreath. Continue in this manner til the front of the wreath is covered. Tie off floss and cut.

Decorate wreath using curling ribbon, and by tucking the small baby items into the floss and ribbon.

Photos coming soon!


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