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Instructions for diaper nut cups

You'll need:

Squares of white or baby print fabric
dixie cups
Small safety pins
Hot wax or craft glue

NOTE: BSC urges you to use extreme caution when using hot wax or hot glue. Do not leave unattended, do not touch the hot wax/glue, and wear proper safety gear to ensure protection of eyes and skin

Variation One
Cut the fabric squares into triangles large enough to "diaper" the small cup. Place the triangle with the point facing down on the back of the cup. Bring bottom point up and over the front of the cup and the two sides together so that they all meet in the middle. Overlap the bottom point by placing the two side points over it. Glue points in place. Place the small safety pin over the glued points, and glue down.

Variation 2
Heat parafin wax in a double boiler over low-medium heat. Once the wax is melted dip the diaper into the wax (for your safety, use tongs to dip into the wax). When diaper is fully coated, lift from wax and allow excess to drip off. Place on wax paper to cool. When wax is cool to the touch but still pliable (around 10 seconds) you may use your fingers to maintain proper shape. Photos coming soon!


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