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11. Baby hot potato
Played the same as the traditional hot potato game, only using a baby doll or stuffed animal as the potato. Start a timer and have guests pass the baby around the circle, and whomever is holding the baby when the timer sounds is out. Last person in the game wins.
Variation - instead of having the person holding the baby be out of the game, make them give a bit of advice, or tell a special memory about the parents-to-be

12. Baby song musical chairs
Musical chairs, to baby music! You'll need to get a cd/tape of baby music beforehand, and have a tape/cd player handy. Set up less chairs in the middle of the room than you have players, and have them walk in a circle around the chairs while you play the music. Abruptly stop the music and have guests scramble for a seat. Those left standing are out of the game. Remove one chair after each round and award a prize to the last person left in the game.

13. Pack your bags
Have guests compete to see who can pack a diaper bag (or luggage bag) with many different baby items the quickest.

14. Charades
Always a party hit! Write down baby themed actions (such as changing a diaper, burping baby, baby's first doctor visit) on small pieces of paper. Fold and put in a hat. Have guests take turns drawing an action out of the hat, then trying to act them out appropriately. You can play in teams if having a couples shower, or simply award points to the people who guess correctly.

15. Carve a baby
Give each guest a small piece of soap and a dull carving utensil (knives can be dangerous). Have them do their best job at carving a baby out of the soap bar.

16. Don't drop baby (water balloon toss)
Definitely best as an outdoor game. Fill up water balloons (several for each guest) and have each guest pick a partner (great for couples parties). Partners take turns tossing the water balloons back and forth trying not to drop them. Prize awarded to the couple who goes longest without dropping all their babies.

17. Scavenger hunt
Have guests hunt around for a list of baby items. First person/team to return all the items wins.

18. Pass the pacifier
Give each guest a pencil/pen. Instruct guests to put the pencils in their mouths, and keep their hands behind their backs. Place a pacifier (the kind with the loop) on one players pencil, and have the players pass the pacifier from one person to another, around the room, without using their hands. If a player drops the pacifier, they are out of the game. Winner is the last person left in the game.

19. Pass the bottle
Played like the game above, however guests transfer a baby bottle around the room with the bottle under their chins or between their knees.

20. My water broke
Give each guest a water balloon, and have them place the balloon between their knees. Pair guests into teams if desired. Have the guests run or walk without dropping their water balloon. Once a balloon is dropped, that player/team is out of the game.

Get over 100 quality printable baby shower games plus poems for only $12.99!

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