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21. Teddy bear kiss
Pass a teddy bear, or baby doll, around the room and have each guest kiss the bear. After everyone has kissed the bear, have them kiss the mom to be in the exact same spot they kissed the bear.

22. Diaper stacking
Have guests compete to see who can stack diapers the highest without them toppling.

23. Pins in rice
Hide very small safety pins in a bowl of rice. Without looking, have guests try to pull as many pins out of the rice as possible.

24. Time capsule
Instruct guests to bring an item to the shower for baby's time capsule. Have guests write a letter, and place their item in the time capsule, then put away for safekeeping until baby is older.

25. Diaper races
Have guests race to see who can properly diaper a baby the fastest while blindfolded.

26. Be the baby
Choose one guest, usually the father-to-be, to be the baby. Have guests take turns performing actions such as dressing/feeding/burping the baby.

27. Plant a tree
A simple activity. Have guests pitch-in to plant a tree in baby's honor. Very nice to watch the tree grow along with baby.

28. Watermelon baby
Have enough watermelons on hand for each guest or per team. Provide things such as markers, tape, glue, paper, scissors, fake hair, etc. Have guests decorate their melon and award a prize for the best baby.

29. Belly Casting
Allow guests to participate in making a belly cast for mom, and help decorate the finished product.

30. Pictionary

31. Bottle drinking races
Have guests race to see who can drink soda/water from a baby bottle the quickest.

32. Bobbing for pacis
Fill a large container with water or substance such as pudding or oatmeal. Place several pacifiers inside the water/mixture and without using their hands, have guests try to retrieve as many as possible with their mouths.

Get over 100 quality printable baby shower games plus poems for only $12.99!

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