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Get over 100 quality printable baby shower games plus poems for only $12.99 now!

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1. Word search
Make your own word search puzzle, print it out and have guests try to solve.

2. Crossword
Make your own crossworld puzzle, print and have guests try to solve.

3. Test your baby IQ
Write or print a list of trivia questions concerning babies and parenting (we will have a list for you to print soon) and award a prize to the guest(s) with the most correct answers. Keep an answer key handy so you will know the answers yourself!

4. 5 and 10
Give guests 10 seconds to name 5 things in a selected category (such as baby food flavors, baby bath items, things in a diaper bag, things moms tell their kids). To make it more challenging, have a set list of replies on an answer key and only award points when the player's answer matches what you have.

5. Have you ever
Write or print out a list of things a person might have done in their lives (traveled outside the country, flown in an airplane, cried at a movie, etc) and give a list to each guest. Have them talk to other guests and collect signatures from guests who have done something on the list. The catch is, a guest may only sign that they've done something once, and may only sign each guests list once. (ie: Lisa has flown in an airplane and has cried at a movie. Amy asks her to sign her paper. Lisa may sign that she has done one, but not both actions. Jenny asks Lisa to sign her paper, so Lisa may sign for the remaining action, but cannot sign the action she previously chose on Amy's paper.) The person who collects the most signatures wins.

6. Guess who
Instruct guests to bring a baby photo of themselves to the shower. Place all photos in a focal point, such as the coffee table, and have guests try to match each baby photo to the guest they belong to. The winner is the person with most correct guesses.

7. Alphabet name game
Start the game by saying a baby name that starts with A. Have the person next to you continue with a B name, the next person with a C name and so forth. If a player cannot give a name within a couple seconds during their turn, they are out of the game. Keep going until one player remains. This gets tricky after a few rounds, especially with Q, X and Z names!

8. I'm going on a trip/I'm going to the delivery room
An old favorite game played on long bus rides. Play the baby version by having a guest (or yourself) start out by saying something along the lines of "I'm taking baby on a trip..." or "I'm going to the delivery room" and I'm bringing...then name a baby item (or a regular item if you find naming all baby items too difficult) that starts with A, like applesauce. The next person would repeat what the first person said, and add a B item "I'm taking baby on a trip and I'm bringing applesauce and a bib...". If a guest finds they cannot remember all the previous items, or cannot think of one for their letter, they are out of the game. This gets VERY difficult the further into the alphabet you get! Award a prize to the last person still in the game.

9. Name scramble
Scramble some popular baby names, and have your guests try to unscramble. Here are some suggestions - Emily - limey, Madison - amsindo, Hailey - yalehi, Kaitlyn - anykilt, Hannah - ahhnna, Sarah - arash, Brianna - bannair, Ashley - halsey, Alexis - saxlie, Abigail - aliabig, Jacob - acjbo, Michael - claimhe, Matthew - themtaw, Joshua - suhaoj, Nicholas - chaosnil, Christopher - choirsperth, Joseph - peshoj, Ethan - thane, Andrew - wander, Daniel - nailed

10. Mad libs
Write a silly story about the parents-to-be and baby. Take out random words, then make a list for guests to replace the words you took out (without letting them hear the story first). Ask guests to write down a random noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, color, name, etc to match the missing words. Collect the guests answers, and read the story aloud, using the new words. These can get very funny, so you may want to keep the stories in your scrapbook after the party!

Get over 100 quality printable baby shower games plus poems for only $12.99 now!

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