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21. Who knows mommy best w/daddy
Write two separate lists of questions, one about mom-to-be and one about dad-to-be. Questions can be things like "how many children does ____ want?" "What form of discipline does _____ plan to use?" and other things regarding parenting that a couple might disagree about. Give mom the questions about dad and vice versa to complete. Have them read the answers aloud and see how well their answers matched.

22. Parents to be trivia
Have guests answer a series of questions about the parents-to-be (where did they meet, what are their pet names for each other). Award prize to the person with the most correct answers.

23. Baby item bingo
Played like regular bingo, except subsitute the word bingo using a word like Storko or Burpo.

24. Acro
Come up with a series of random letters (ECBDMH, for instance) and have guests come up with acronyms, such as Every Cute Baby Deserves More Hugs. Prizes can be awarded for the most humorous answers.

25. Baby food guessing game
Take the labels off about 10-12 jars of baby food. Have guests try to determine what the flavor of baby food is (make sure you keep a record of what food is what). Awarded prizes for most correct answers. You could also have guests taste the baby food, but unless you're really cruel, only use dessert flavors.

26. Kids say the darndest things

27. I remember
Have guests share special memories from their childhood, or of their own children. These may be written and kept, or shared out loud.

28. Baby item scramble
Scramble the names of baby items (such as rdipae = diaper) and have guests unscramble. Prize awarded to the player with most correct answers.

29. Draw a picture of baby
Have guests draw their best picture of a baby, and award prizes for best drawing, most humorous, most creative, etc. If your family and friends are anything like mine, you'll want to save the pictures as blackmail when baby is older ("this is what Aunt Sue thought you would look like!").

30. Story telling
Have guests write their own stories for baby. Save them in the baby's scrapbook to read to him/her when he/she is older.

Get over 100 quality printable baby shower games plus poems for only $12.99 now!

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