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51. Baby animals
Match the animals to their babies. (ie: Frog = tadpole Cow = calf) More animal babies can be found at Animal Babies

52. Price is right
Have guests try to determine the actual store price of 10-15 baby products. Prize awarded for most correct guesses.

53. Whats wrong with picture

54. Celeb baby name match
Have guests match the baby name to their celebrity parents. Celebrity baby names can be found here.

55. Tv/movie family trivia
Have guests answer trivia questions about tv/movie families. Example Question - Name all 6 Brady Kids.

56. Truth or dare

57. Mommy or Daddy?
Come up with a list of things that happened to either mom or dad-to-be (ie : broke their leg, had the measles, was on the debate team, had kermit the frog sheets) and have guests determine if each event happened to mom or dad. Prize awarded to the player with the most correct answers.

58. Baby song name that tune
Write out a line (or play if you have a cd player and childrens cd handy) from popular childrens songs, and have guests guess which song they are from.

59. Songs/movies with baby
Give guests a time limit to name as many songs/movies with the word Baby in the title as possible.

60. Scattergories
Give guests a minute or two to name as many things in a certain category as possible (ie: 2 minutes to write down baby names beginning with C)

Get over 100 quality printable baby shower games plus poems for only $12.99 now!

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